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EndoVentions Medical, Inc. is currently developing a platform of innovative surgical endoscopes with a Value Proposition of increasing procedural efficiency, reducing per procedural costs, and improving patient experinces. The initial areas of focus are in the gynecological and urological specialties. Our first product to develop and commericalize is the resectoscope (ResectoVue) used to treat benign prostate conditions (BPH), bladder tumors, and removal of polyps and fibroids of the uterus. There are about 325,000 resections performed per year in the U.S. Our patented technology utilizes new imaging technologies and re-packages those technologies into a disposalble, digital design with an added ergonomic feature, the RotoFin. This is a ‘first in class’ device. Projected global revenues by Year 5 will exceed $90M. We are seeking $2M to support full development, regulatory clearance, and early commercialization. We are confident we can complete these phases within 18-21 months at which time we will interface with potential acquirers. Based on the past 10 years of minimally invasive gyn and uro disposable device acquisitions, ROI’s were in the 10X-20X range. Based on our platform concept, we already have two more devices in the pipeline ready for final devlopment. These devices have similar market sizes to the resectoscope.