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Duo Oncology develops high-potency nanomedicines that penetrate deep into tumor tissue to change outcomes for cancer patients. Our lead product, DUO-207 is designed as a first-line therapy of pancreatic cancer and other deadly metastases. In preliminary testing with patient derived xenograft tumors, its combination of active agents outperforms an equivalent dosed standard-of-care by both controlling tumor growth and improving overall survival. Our platform’s success comes from a patent pending prodrug chemistry that packages hydrophobic and hydrophilic active agents into tiny particles (<30nm) instead of the >100nm size of current nanoparticles like Abraxane®, which are too large to penetrate dense tumor tissue. Duo Oncology is leveraging the 505(b)2 regulatory process and its connections to UPMC investigators to rapidly demonstrate proof-of-concept in cancer patients.

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