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Angany inc. is a late-stage pre-clinical pharmaceutical company developing biologics of a new generation based on a novel form of immunotherapy. Angany’s novel approach to immunotherapy is based on translational science: allergens are administered under the form of pseudo-pathogens to elicit a protective immune response. Angany has developed a first-in-class, biosynthetic, auto-adjuvanted immunomodulatory vector able to turn any antigenic target into a strong immunogen. Angany is preparing therapeutics directed to human allergy to cats and allergy to peanuts. Extensive pre-clinical testing has resulted in robust, target antigen-specific TH1-biased immunomodulation and substantially reduced allergenicity (in the case of allergen targets). The company has entered into partnership with Nextmune/Vimian to develop therapeutics aimed at companion animal allergy and atopic dermatitis. Angany’s proprietary eBiopaticle-Potentiated Immunotherapy™ will also find applications in immuno-oncology and auto-immune domains of human and animal health.

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