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Are you an investor looking for early-stage opportunities key therapeutics areas?

We are always seeking new investor relationships. We provide the risk-sharing collaboration agreement services to our partner companies to ensure they are “Investment Ready”. BusStim’s partner companies will be prepared for the fundraising campaign and Investors’ due diligence processes, therefore saving you time and money. We have ten companies, of which five of these companies are participating in our Tech Hub at Digital RESI 2021.


Are you a Pharma Venture or Business Development Executive seeking drug candidates for In-Licensing or Acquisition?

BusStim brings the following “Value-Add” to this pharma collaboration process:
• Identification of opportunities to address their pipeline deficiencies
• De-risked assets that meet partners’ requirements
• Prospective assets aligned with pharma’s drug development strategies.
• Translational research components aligned with the human disease state to reduce risk and add value.
• “BusStim is Bridging the Gap between Biotechs and Pharma.”

If so, BusStim would like to meet with you to discuss our Virtual Biotech Accelerator business model and our partner companies.

Interested in Connecting? Please contact:

Stephen Yelity

President & CEO