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Zylö Therapeutics has an innovative sustained-release topical delivery system that was developed by Joel Friedman MD PhD, Adam Friedman MD FAAD, and Andrew Draganski PhD. The delivery system uses patented xerogel-derived silica particles, called Z-pods™, to deliver—in a sustained and controlled manner—notoriously hard-to-deliver therapeutic agents through topical administration.

The human body needs Nitric Oxide [NO], but produces it at a declining rate, such that a 60-year-old is at about 15%; this results in a range of disorders including stamina issues, cardiovascular issues, wound-healing issues, and ED issues. Zylö’s NO-releasing Z-pods will nourish the body (or the wound) for 24+ hours, making it an ideal candidate for anti-aging, wound-healing (the next Neosporin), skin health generally, burns, and many more.

Another important functionality: Longer-lasting X…lidocaine is a perfect example, as it will relieve pain for about an hour, so one must continue to re-apply, which explains the emergence of the Lidocaine patch market. Well, take that same Lidocaine and load it into the Z-pod, rub it into the skin and the Lidocaine will gradually release from the particles to provide durable, long-lasting pain relief–just like a patch, but without all the hassles and disposal issues of the patch. Look for the Lidocaine Patchless Patch in stores in a few months!

Of course, this concept translates well to other payloads, like CBD, THC (only where legal), vitamin E, and many other agents that suffer from a short duration-of-effect.

Another functionality is enhanced druggability. The Z-pod can confer increased solubility, stability, and/or targeting (in the pores and follicles, especially). There are hundreds of drug candidates that have been shelved due to one or more of these reasons…creating a huge opportunity for partnerships.