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Reveal is a transformational opportunity to benefit millions of patients facing serious disease and to advance precision medicine with new insight.
Modern medicine relies on contrast-enhanced MRIs, but all current MRI contrast agents cause accumulation of the toxic heavy metal gadolinium in the brain and body of every patient, risking potentially devastating late effects. Despite regulatory warnings, suspensions, and withdrawals there are no alternatives.

Reveal solves this challenge with a patented first in class gadolinium-free MRI contrast agent invented by world leaders in the field (Peter Caravan and Eric Gale) at Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital. Our IND-ready lead product RVP-001 is a direct replacement for general purpose gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs), producing equivalent images to GBCAs using established radiology processes. Potential: $2B.
Relevance: cancer, cardiac disease, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, COVID-19, rare diseases.

Reveal’s pipeline of precision imaging agents will give unprecedented insight into fibrosis (NASH, IPF), thrombus (stroke, DVT, cardiovascular, COVID-19) and lymph node staging. These agents will provide repeatable, multi-dimensional views into evolving pathology and reponse to treatment, promising to be better than biopsy. Potential: $$B.

In addition to investor funding, Reveal has substantial support from the NIH (NCI, NIDDK, NHLBI), including two Fast Track SBIR grants and a $1M CRP SBIR grant. Reveal is currently positioned to be awarded a $4M matching grant by the National Cancer Institute.
We are fundraising to support RVP-001’s IND and Phase 1 clinical trials planned for 2021.

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