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Lucas Sabalka
Chief Scientist and Computer Vision Specialist

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Ocuvera, LLC was officially founded in 2016 but can trace the roots of its idea back to 2012, when the team came together with the goal of creating technology solutions to improve lives. Currently, Ocuvera is a small business with 15 full-time employees and several part time employees headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. These employees combined have more than 100 years of software design experience, including a computer vision team with two mathematics PhDs and more than 20 years combined experience in computer vision and machine learning. Along with the majority of the current team, Ocuvera was co-founded by its CEO Steve Kiene. This is the fifth company for which Kiene has played a founding and managerial role, and he has invested in over twenty other software startup companies. He has received numerous awards in Nebraska for his entrepreneurial and philanthropic work.

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