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MET Life Science, a spin-off company from Severance Hospital in Yonsei University in South Korea, is aiming at the innovative and novel therapeutics as first-in-class drugs since 2018. Our leading asset (MET-02-26) is targeting various fibrotic diseases via TGF-beta signaling. While most of TGF-beta therapeutics target the ligand or receptor of TGF-beta, the MET-02-26 utilizes BMP-7 (bone morphogenetic protein-7), a potent endogenous inhibitor of TGF-beta-induced fibrosis with minimal toxicity. The MET-02-26 is a micellized pro-drug BMP-7 to overcome pharmacokinetic (PK/PD) limitation of current rhBMP-7. The MET-02-26 shows the excellent PK/PD profile data in peritoneal cavity and many organs depending on route of administration, followed by therapeutic potential for many fibrotic diseases, including peritoneal, renal, and lung fibrosis. The MET-02-26 is currently on CMC stage for preclinical study.

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