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Dr. Jakub Staszak-Jirkovsky

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Developing first in class targeted oncology therapeutics using proprietary RAL GTPase Inhibitors (small molecules).

Inhibition of KRAS mutant cancer growth and metastasis

KRAS mutations are the cause of 30 of all cancers (solid, hematological);
90 of all pancreatic cancer, 40 of colorectal cancer and 25 of NSCLC
Targeting G12C, uniquely G12V and metastasis of all KRAS mutations
Lead compound pre clinical data (see below) showing inhibition of tumor growth, increased survival and extraordinary inhibition of pancreatic cancer metastasis

Synergistic with other targeted therapeutics
IP Exclusive worldwide license from Univ of Colorado, patent protection to 2035
Machavert seeks to raise $ 2-3 M in capital to reach the next inflection point before launching IND enabling studies and advancing MP2018 to clinical trials
Headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, USA.