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Brief description: GenCirq, Inc. is developing a novel class of bacterial therapeutics that leverages the power of genetic circuits within bacteria to treat disease. We program ’tumor-targeting’ probiotic bacteria, which naturally possess tumor homing capabilities, with our Synchronized Lysis Circuit (SLC). Our proprietary SLC technology allows for targeted delivery of therapeutics inside tumors and enhances safety of the bacterial cancer approach. This is a transformative strategy for delivering cancer therapeutics, where drugs can be locally produced by bacteria and delivered within the tumor, additionally providing immunogenic bacterial substrates to prime an immune response. Bacteria are also cheaply manufactured in comparison to traditional antibody production. We are currently in pre-clinical development of our bacterial cancer therapy platform with delivery of an anti-CD47 checkpoint inhibitor as our lead candidate. We are also building value by expanding programs with potential partners to deliver a variety of different therapeutics with the SLC platform.

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