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Steven Zimmer

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EpiCombi.AI is a spinout from the University of Oxford that combines deep reinforcement learning and mechanistic modeling to rationally discover optimised multi-targeted drugs for intractable solid tumour cancers.

Our three USP’s are:
1) Rather than killing the cancer cell, we enhance it’s vulnerability to facilitate therapeutic and/or immune system killing of the tumour.
2) identify the mechanisms that trigger and maintain aberrant epigenetic marking of DNA and embody into multi-targeted compounds
3) combine the exploratory powers of deep reinforcement learning anchored to the capacity of mechanistic modeling to breakdown complex biological networks into their causal relationships.

The Management team’s entrepreneurial and operating experience has led to exit values of $2 billion to date.

The platform output will be multi-targeted drugs embedded in a playbook which will form the basis to seek high valued partnerships with Pharma/Biotech companies. Longer term the objective is to set this up as a SaaS/Virtual lab offering to Pharma.