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Damion Boyer
Interim CEO

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Corvidane has taken a truly innovative approach to treat Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases.

Corvidane’s drug Corvida™ is a patented composition of fatty acids that were selected for their molecular structures and extraordinary chemical properties.

First conceived of by Chemical Engineers, Corvida™’s lipid-based mechanisms of action target the root causes of Atherosclerosis NonAlcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH).

Corvidane’s approach to drug development has addressed several traditional “points-of-failure” thus de-risking further development and reducing time-to-approval.

Corvidane’s Management and Advisory Teams have the traditional drug experience and fatty acid therapeutics expertise to make Corvida™ a clinical and commercial success.

We are raising $9.6M USD to develop Corvida™ into two Phase II-ready assets for license or acquisition.